Larry Flynt offers Casey $$$ to take it all off




It's hardly noon, and Casey Anthony has already been in the news twice today.

First, she was ordered by an Orange County judge this morning to serve a year's supervised probation in Orange County for charges related to check fraud. She's supposed to check in with her probation officer within the next 72 hours.

Later in the morning, Sunshine Slate posted that she'd been offered half a million by Hustler publisher Larry Flynt to pose in his magazine. “If they want to get their hands on big money, they’ve got to go through me,” Flynt was quoted as saying.

We don't even dare to imagine the scenarios Hustler could come up with for the shoot.

Meanwhile, TMZ asked fans recently whether Casey Anthony was hot or not: Survey says, maybe seven beers in. Or 20. And she looks like she smokes a bong as soon as she gets out of bed. Since it looks like TMZ's focus group consists of Hustler's prime demographic, this doesn't bode well for the popularity of the Casey Anthony issue.