Through the media doughnut hole with Rick Scott!



SO, yesterday sure started off with a sugar rush, huh? Copping former Gov. Bob Graham's "workday" motif and morphing it into something incredibly uncomfortable and alien, Gov. Rick Scott took to a Tampa doughnut shop in an effort to make people appreciate the fact that he can do something almost as unhealthy as his 27 percent approval rating. The Pink Slip Rick folks of Florida Watch Action (and sundry other excitable liberals) showed up in droves to tell the worst governor ever just how bad he is to his sweat-candied face. That act caught the attention of national outlets like Mother Jones and Gawker, making this perhaps the most embarrassingly wonderful exercise in free-market disobedience this state has seen in quite awhile. "You never know which of these actions is going to take off," 6 a.m. doughnut-denier Susannah Randolph of Florida Watch Action told us at the end of the day. "But it's so worth it." Enjoy the video below if you haven't already seen it. And don't get fat.

[youtube SpJdLEjvklQ]