Selection Reminder: Hip-hop duo Dead Prez tonight at the Social!



Wednesday, August 17 - Dead Prez

Update: Toldja it's nearly impossible to put on a rap show anymore. We've been informed that although some NK players "got the ball rolling" on this one, the same issues we mention below started popping up and it was handed off to Foundation Presents. The show is definitely going on, but that needed clarifying. We regret the error.

“It’s bigger than a hip, hop, hip, hop.” We have to admit we didn’t see this coming: Hip-hop artists have been the undoing of many a fair-to-good booking company around these parts over the years. For whatever reason, nascent promoters can’t help but go for the brass ring of well-respected VH1 Classic rappers and get burned nearly every time, usually at the point in the process when the talking ends and the contracts, guarantees and plane tickets begin. So when rising local booking agency Norse Korea Presents confirmed that they had snagged this legendary Tallahassee duo, well, the word “jaw-dropping” is a good starting point. Live hip-hop is a tough business – tougher than anyone who hasn’t attempted some aspect of it could ever realize – but this paper didn’t name NK “Best new concert Prometheus” in 2011’s Best of Orlando for nothing. – Justin Strout (with Lazy Afternoon, DJ Kittybat; 9 p.m. at the Social, 54 N. Orange Ave.; $10-$15; 407-246-1419;