Selection Reminder: Benjamin's Entertainment & Art Circus tonight at Taste!




Friday, August 26Benjamin's Entertainment & Art Circus

When a male strips a female mannequin of its clothing and hair, then paints its breasts black and its nipples in flaming red, we tell ourselves that the artist is either a pubescent teen or “probably one of those dudes who loves the circus.” Benjamin Sawinski seems to fall squarely into the latter camp. A Milwaukee native and painter known for his dark subject matter, Sawinski has collected his and 18 other artists’ twisted take on America’s favorite underbelly to be displayed at Orlando’s tapas temple, otherwise known as Taste. Freak-show acts Amazing Kat & Unkie Nick, as well as Zack Anthrax, round out the dissonance guaranteed when a chic College Park restaurant presents its patrons with some of the most unappetizing images imaginable. – Jeff Gore (8 p.m. at Taste Restaurant, 717 W. Smith St.; $5 suggested donation; 407-835-0646;