Selection Reminder: Fill the Grill finals tonight at Whole Foods!




Tuesday, August 30Fill the Grill

For the everyday home cook, $20 could stretch into several months worth of ramen noodles and Uncle Ben’s. For gourmet chefs like Alec Cheak and Steve Saelg, that same amount of cash might only go as far as one, single ingredient. But that’s the challenge Whole Foods has cooked up for these two local boys at tonight’s culinary duel: Both chefs get $20 and 20 minutes to shop for ingredients. Then they have 20 minutes to create a dish to be judged by a panel of food experts. They come from very different kitchens (Cheak is a chef partner at the swanky Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, and Saelg, previously a chef at K Restaurant, hopped on the food-truck bandwagon this year as executive chef/owner of the Crooked Spoon.), but they’ve both felt the heat, having cooked their way past other notable Orlando chefs to make it to tonight’s Fill the Grill finals. Can you hear the sizzle? – Aimee Shea (6:30 p.m. at Whole Foods Market, 8003 Turkey Lake Road; free; 407-355-7100;