Selection Reminder: Tampa Bay Lightning game at Amway Center tonight!



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  • Photo by Getty Images
Wednesday, September 21Tampa Bay Lightning vs. St. Louis Blues

With the NBA still solidly mired in the doldrums of lockout – currently, team owners are forbidden from simply uttering a player’s name – other professional sports are picking up the slack locally. The brand-new Orlando City Soccer Club has developed a spirited following, especially after the team’s Major League Soccer championship victory earlier this month, and lo and behold, the NHL is coming to town! The Tampa Bay Lightning – a team so badass it was once rumored to be a money-laundering front for the yakuza – will battle the St. Louis Blues in the first professional hockey match in the Amway Center’s history, and only the third time that a massive sheet of ice has been laid on the arena floor. The Lightning are arguably one of Florida’s most successful sports franchises, so here’s to hoping that the ghosts of Amway don’t follow the team home. – Jeff Gore (7 p.m. at Amway Center, 400 W. Church St.; $30-$180; 800-745-3000;