Selection Reminder: Perfect Strangers art show at Say It Loud!




Saturday, Sept. 24 Perfect Strangers

What’s great about America? Instant gratification. This party featuring collaborative art by local artists Bryan Soderlind and Brandon McLean is a love letter to the king of instant art: the Polaroid. Image-in-60-seconds Polaroid film made the deferred appreciation of your masterpiece a thing of the past. In addition to the Soderlind-McLean photo-painting collabs, you’ll see “hundreds of Bear Polaroids” by Soderlind, Polaroid photo-illustrations by Brandon Rapert and a special Polaroid photobooth built by the artists – so every guest can leave with a snapshot memento. And La Empanada food truck will be on the scene serving up hot handheld treats – not as fast as Hot Pockets, sure, but still fast, and so much better. See, instant photos, instant food

instant happiness! – Jessica Bryce Young (8 p.m.-midnight at Say It Loud Studio, 1121 N. Mills Ave.)