Selection Reminder: Manhattan Short Film Festival!



I Love Luci
  • I Love Luci

Monday, Sept. 2613th Annual Manhattan Short Film Festival

Considering the U.S. was benched for last year’s annual global, one-day-only celebration of the world’s best short films simulcast on art-house screens (like the Enzian Theater) everywhere, it’s heartening to see our ever-divided country get back in the game this time around. American filmmakers Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men) enters the fray with Sexting, an eight-minute cringefest starring Julia Stiles as a woman who arranges to meet her lover’s wife for coffee, while Ohio newcomer George Zaverdas makes a splash with David & Goliath, in which a man depends on a dog to save him from Nazis. Eight other films from Sweden, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Scotland, Hungary, Peru and Egypt zip by as well, hoping to make their mark in just about the same amount of time it takes to wait in line for popcorn. – Justin Strout (6:30 p.m. at Enzian Theater, 1300 S. Orlando Ave., Maitland; $10; 407-629-0054;