Selection Reminder: Whores tonight at Will's Pub!



Tuesday, Sept. 27Whores

Steel your balls, Orlando; a couple of Atlanta executioners are coming for us, and these fuckers mean business. Since Whores basically skinned us like easy game at the You Are Doomed Fest with their thrilling, snarled and dangerous noise rock, surging promoters Orlandooom found them fit to bring back. Of all the truly awe-inspiring heaviness coming out of Georgia right now, Whores is still criminally underrated outside their region and easily stand among the crop’s nastiest cream. But wait – riding shotgun with a pretty bad attitude are grind-punkers Primate. With dudes like Brutal Truth’s Kevin Sharp and Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher among their ranks, Primate’s burly hardcore aggression packs the power of one seriously pissed-off gorilla. Add in sturdy locals Junior Bruce, Six Dead Horses and (strangely) Bob on Blonde, and you can just go ahead and kiss your ass goodbye. – Bao Le-Huu (with Primate, Junior Bruce, Six Dead Horses, Bob on Blonde; 9 p.m. at Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave.; $8; 407-898-5070;