Selection Reminder: Lunch & Learn with Aixa Diaz!




Thursday, Sept. 29Lunch & Learn: Aixa Diaz

Unlike most journalism professionals (cough), the vaunted task of being a lady broadcast anchor/reporter for the news division from a local affiliate of a major network brings with it that odd caveat of having to be both presentable and prying, pretty but with teeth. A shake of a head or a knowing glint in the eye can mean everything. It’s how this viewing area has come to adore such household names – the ultimate in the world of local TV news – as Barbara West and Wendy Chioji. They become family! They’re just like us! At this particular Lunch & Learn presented at the History Center, you can hear WESH-2 News’ Diaz recount her per diem pursuits through such foreign enclaves as Beijing (chopsticks!) and Vancouver (brrr!) as a local ambassador for goodwill (and fish-out-of-water feature reporter) at the 2008 Summer Olympics and the 2010 Winter Olympics while you eat a brown-bag sandwich that you provide yourself. In Broadcast News terms, this is the part where William Hurt won with a single manufactured tear and Holly Hunter got stuck eating a salad at the office. – Billy Manes (Noon at the Orange County Regional History Center, 65 E. Central Blvd.; $3; 407-836-7010;