Selection Reminder: Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music!



Photo by Erin Lartonoix
  • Photo by Erin Lartonoix
Thursday, Sept. 29Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music

New York playwright Lee Blessing, possessor of a towering stack of theater awards, is known for Pinteresque political plays in which arms limitation negotiators, Central American dictators, and the like faff about the stage uttering oblique profundities. And yet there’s this play, his second, a big-hearted comedy(ish) published in 1982 that’s become a staple of community theater groups. It’s got runaway nuns, romance, Tourette’s and, yes, a jukebox full of good country music: everything we look for in a night out. Theatre UCF has mounted Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music in their Black Box theater, where it’s overlapping with a production of John Patrick Shanley’s Savage in Limbo and leading to some challenging set changes – watch the toes of your cowboy boots if you’re sitting near the wings. – Jessica Bryce Young (8 p.m. Thursday, through Oct. 8 at Theatre UCF, 4000 Central Florida Blvd.; $17; 407-823-1500;