Selection Reminder: Oktoberfest at the German-American Society!



Saturday, Oct. 1Oktoberfest

At first, the German Oktoberfest poses a dilemma. It presents acres of irresistible food – jägerschnitzel (pork with creamy mushroom sauce), sauerbraten (beef pot roast), schwarzwälder kirschtorte (layered chocolate cake) – but hard as you may try, your stomach is not able to accommodate your mouth’s desires. Then, however, you’re downing pint after pint of heavy German beer, and voilá! You’ve made room for more meat and fat. The German-American Society of Central Florida’s take on Ze Deutschland’s trademark festival not only features shameless gluttony, but vivacious song and dance. The Bavarians will play in the biergarten, Dan Wittig will riff inside the building, and during the breaks allowed to the traditional bands during their nine-hour set, you’ll get to watch dancers in lederhosen. If you’re having trouble puking to make more room for food, just recite the German words in this story over and over again. – Jeff Gore (2 p.m. at the German-American Society of Central Florida, 381 Orange Lane, Casselberry; $5; 407-834-0574;