Selection Reminder: Quitzow tonight at the Peacock Room!



Photo by Amber Gress
  • Photo by Amber Gress
Saturday, Oct. 8Quitzow

Mick Jagger may get name-dropped in song by the likes of Ke$ha and that guy from Maroon 5, but New York pop auteur/cellist/Moog enthusiast Quitzow, making her first Orlando appearance, knows full well that Keith Richards is cooler. That’s why she named a song (“More Keith Richards”) after the guy on her fantastic album Juice Water, and it’s likely somewhere at the heart of her motivation to do whatever she damn well pleases. On “Whatever,” she makes that perfectly clear, spitting taunts ranging from jaw-dropping (“Do drive-bys in my PJs / shoot speedballs / smoke black tar”) to hilariously inconvenient (“Design your logo with a crappy font”). But she’s at her most Richards-esque when it comes to the music: The multi-instrumentalist’s sound is equally versed in Le Tigre and Lady Sovereign, Madonna and Amanda Blank. The result is a downright intimidating, yet wholly danceable amalgam designed to keep you on your toes. It’s our pleasure. – Justin Strout (with Awake, Vulture Boys; 10 p.m. at the Peacock Room, 1321 N. Mills Ave.; $5; 407-228-0048;