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P.S. I Love You
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Thursday, Oct. 13 - P.S. I Love You If you were already overwhelmed with all the awesomeness that's happening in town tonight (Duran Duran, The New Pornographers), get ready for another bullet point on your to-do list. Quickly rising Ontario band P.S. I Love You is performing tonight at the BackBooth. If you've heard 'em, chances are you love 'em... but as always, you be the judge of that. P.S. I Love You has gotten a lot of public attention lately for good reason. Following a recent resurgence of 90's grunge throwback, the guitar and drum duo are reminiscent of college rock that might have found it's way onto an episode of "Beavis and Butthead" in '93. With soaring guitar riffs and squelching feedback by way of Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth or Pavement, the nostalgia is welcomed.

[youtube zYJo38GfPO8]

(w/  Saskatchewan @ The BackBooth; 37 W. Pine St.; www.backbooth.com; $10; 8 p.m.; All ages)