Selection Reminder: Telekinesis tonight at the Beacham!




Thursday, Oct. 13Telekinesis

By now, the virtue of legendary Vancouver supergroup New Pornographers is widely known. But, much to our chagrin, not so for opener Telekinesis. Why this life-affirming vehicle for musician Michael Benjamin Lerner hasn’t sunbursted into the public consciousness yet is completely mysterious. Regardless, Lerner & Co. have quietly been making some of the most addictively incandescent music in indie rock today by working that evergreen conductivity between brisk rock momentum and glowing, pitch-perfect melodies. Telekinesis may be based in Seattle but their galloping, tuneful rock is quintessential Merge Records fare. And the glory of their music comes from removing all obstacles to their easy, direct and natural flow. Anchored by enough kick and heft to keep it powered and flying right, this euphoric spirit goes straight to the head and heart. The result is joy mainlined. So go get blissed. – Bao Le-Huu (with the New Pornographers; 8 p.m. at the Beacham, 46 N. Orange Ave.; $20-$25; 407-246-1419;