Selection Reminder: The Last Show on Earth!



Art by Paul Finch
  • Art by Paul Finch

Friday, Oct. 21The Last Show on Earth

We received word of this show with dismay. Was it a sly way of announcing the end of Twelve21 Gallery? Was Twelve21 breaking up with us? Then the work of Paul Finch, one of the featured artists, made everything clear: pfft, just the apocalypse (that old thing). Finch’s thickly impastoed paintings, rendered in an alarming palette of black and white and red, feature tiny falling figures, heraldic angels, tanks and helicopters and hey-is-that-blood? That “combination of eeriness and humor

was actually the inspiration for the show,” according to curator Sara Poindexter. Jasibe Cure Twede and Ted Leary’s work, more technically accomplished, responds in the same vein of grim comedy. Gravestones, grinning saw-split skulls, glowing toads and bright-pink body parts: If this doesn’t get you in the right frame of mind for Halloween (or the end of the world), nothing will. – Jessica Bryce Young (opening 7-10 p.m. Friday, through Nov. 11 at Twelve21 Gallery, 1221-C N. Orange Ave.; free; 407-982-4357;