Selection Reminder: Make it a Book workshop!




Saturday, Oct. 22Make it a Book

Handmade books with lush pencil drawings, calligraphy, collage, fibrous paper and cool pop-ups invite time spent fondling the pages. And that’s the reason why books will never die; people like to commune with objects. While the death knell of The Book As We Know It has anticlimactically clanged for the last decade, who cares? We can make our own damn books. Archaic as it may seem, handmade books are still providing a home for words and art in a 3-D, interactive structure, but in a more engaging, heartfelt way than their e-reader progeny. In this workshop, Thery McKinney, a Floridian multimedia artist, teaches participants to build three simple books to take home – a pamphlet, a concertina and a codex – and learn the foundations of bookbinding: folding, sewing and gluing. It’s a full day of bookmaking, but if you have a moment, also check out the Off the Page: Florida Book Art exhibit at the museum through October 30. – Katie Westfall (9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Museum of Florida Art, 600 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand; $60 plus $25 materials fee; 386-734-4371;