Selection Reminder: TV on the Radio tonight at House of Blues!



Wednesday, Oct. 26TV on the Radio

Do you really need us to actually write something to convince you to go see TV on the Radio? Something, perhaps, that explains the band’s genre-defying sound, expounds on the raw energy of the music, complains about how much more we liked them way back when, before their music became more digestible and accessible to music snobs, hipsters, teenagers and hip-to-the-new-trends olds alike? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Buy your ticket like a good indie-rock soldier and haul your ass all the way down to Downtown Disney for this one. – Erin Sullivan (with Sorne; 7:30 p.m. at House of Blues, Downtown Disney West Side, Lake Buena Vista; $30-$33; 407-934-2583;