Scare tactics: Planning your Halloween weekend



Halloween Horror Nights
  • Halloween Horror Nights

The time of year has come when the party punch bleeds red and gorehounds delight in all things Halloween. Per usual, the spooky soirees and fright fests extend beyond Halloween night (Oct.31 is a non-party-friendly Monday this year), spanning a whole five days of events in every corner of Orlando and its surrounding areas.

We're talking scary movie screenings, creepy art shows, eerie backwoods trails, haunted pub crawls, trick-or-treating hot spots and the like. Oh, not to mention costume contests: tons and tons of them. (Just add the word "sexy" to any old garb and you'll fit right in – sexy postal worker, sexy Chewbacca, sexy Border Patrol officer.)

If your typical Halloween plans include catching black-and-white reruns of The Munsters while downing bite-size Kit Kats, we encourage you to get out and lurk in Orlando's notorious Halloween scene. In fact, we've compiled a hoard of frightening possibilities in our Halloween events guide, which should help you map out your trail of terror.