Selection Reminder: UKnight Homecoming 2011!



Friday, Oct. 28 UKnight Homecoming 2011

Nevermind that UCF’s weeklong homecoming celebration technically started on Oct. 22, with the King and Queen vote, a Panic! At the Disco concert and movie, comedy and skit nights. Skip ahead to our favorite college activities (and yes, they’re ones we still enjoy; this week honors alumni, after all): bikini-clad coeds, drinking games and football. We expect the weekend homecoming festivities to heat up (err, chill out – mid-’70s temps!) on Friday at the campus’ knee-deep Reflecting Pond for the Spirit Splash pep rally. Then Saturday morning, nurse the hangover with beads and candy (or kegs and eggs!) at the campus-wide homecoming parade. And the grand finale to an already rough-and-rowdy week: some tailgating grub outside Bright House Networks stadium and a gridiron pounding of the Memphis Tigers by the Knights Saturday night. College, sweet college. – Aimee Vitek (Spirit Splash noon-2 p.m. Friday, parade 11 a.m. Saturday, football game 4 p.m. Saturday at University of Central Florida, 4000 Central Florida Blvd.; various prices; 407-823-2450;