Selection Reminder: Literary Death Match tonight at Mad Cow Theatre!




Sunday, Nov. 13

Literary Death Match

Don’t call it a comeback! Well, actually, go ahead and call it a comeback. The international lit-nerd sensation Literary Death Match returns to Orlando this week for a second round of ox-stunning, panty-dropping, skull-perforating verbosity. Language wranglers Kat Dixon, Rachel Leona Kapitan, Tod Caviness and J. Christopher Silvia will be judged by a trio of local heavyweights: Burrow Press’ J. Bradley (will that shared single initial give Silvia an edge?) on literary merit, poet and ex-NBA player Adonal Foyle on performance, and rock-photog goddess Brook Pifer (at left) on “intangibles.” The fireworks take place this time at Mad Cow Theatre, in one of the last events at their old space before they move over to Church Street. – Jessica Bryce Young (7 p.m. at Mad Cow Theatre, 105 S. Magnolia Ave.; $6-$9; 407-297-8788;