Video and Photo Flashback: Veterans Day Parade at Universal Studios Florida




When you are inside the hermetically-sealed entertainment bubbles that are Orlando's theme parks, it's easy forget that there's a real world outside, where American troops are still at war. Universal Orlando did it's part to pierce that reality distortion field late last week, at least for a few minutes, with a brief but touching Veterans Day parade through the park on 11/11/11.

The five-minute procession started near the Beetlejuice stage, and proceeded clockwise around the front half of the park. Turnout was suprisingly strong considering the slow season, with tourists (and what I suspect were quite a few local passholders) lining up along the route to pay tribute to our armed forces. In addition to veterans (including members of Universal's veteran employees organization) marchers included the Jones High School marching band and several service-inspired cartoon characters like Beetle Bailey and Popeye (hey, he's a sailor).

Here's a complete video of the parade, taken from the step-off point, along with a selection of still photos from later in the route.

[youtube JcMdJGKEy7A]

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