Beth Marshall is Matt Dillon's bestie!!



bethmarshallheadshotjpg an upcoming film, Sunlight Jr. Marshall plays Molly, "a middle-aged, scraggy-haired woman with missing teeth and a surprisingly chipper attitude; she's either drunk or retarded." (Way to go, I guess? JK!)

IMDb synopsizes Sunlight Jr. thusly: "A Florida couple deals with an unexpected pregnancy while holding minimum wage jobs" and also as "a love story set in the ruins of the American dream." Cheery! It's written and directed by Laurie Collyer (Sherrybaby) so: Independent Spirit Award bait! Besides Dillon, Sunlight Jr. stars Naomi Watts, Tess Harper and dedicated redneck zombie-killer Norman Reedus.

So how'd she get that part? It's called committing, kids: "In prep for her audition, Beth did not shower for 2 days, wore absolutely zero make-up, slept in the ghetto tank top and ripped skirt she auditioned in, wore no bra or shoes and rolled directly out of bed and went straight in to auditions." Nailed. It.

Visit Beth Marshall Presents for more news on Marshall's ventures, including her company's upcoming play, The Diviners, at the Garden Theatre.