Selection Reminder: The Tandoori Knights offer Indian garage rock tonight at Back Booth!




Sunday, Nov. 20The Tandoori Knights

OK, we admit that we can’t look at the moniker of Canadian genius King Khan’s latest project without immediately picturing Bill Murray, scotch glass in hand, imploring that we “make it Suntory time.” (We don’t know why, either.) Like Murray, Arish Ahmad Khan, the frontman of a variety of insane projects like BBQ Show, the Almighty Defenders, the Black Lips and the Shrines, possesses that glint in his eye that all great chaos merchants have. It’s both a beacon and a warning that says, “This could go really well or really terrible. Your call.” Now teamed up with fellow rockabilly Canadian and one-man band Bloodshot Bill, their project with the Murray-invoking name (if only to our ears) has gone substantially well. Working from an “Indian garage rock” conceit, Khan and Bloodshot Bill mix playful surf sounds with South Asian lilts for a potent brew that works as both feel-good music and edgy fare. – Justin Strout (with Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands; 9 p.m. at Back Booth, 37 W. Pine St.; $10-$12; 407-999-2570;