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'Aleks With Seven Others'
  • 'Aleks With Seven Others'

Tuesday, Nov. 29Heyd Fontenot Gallery Talk

Austin, Texas-based painter Heyd Fontenot often makes a distinction in interviews: He doesn’t paint nudes, he says, but “naked people.” That’s the line he draws between birthday suits neutralized and sanitized by art history, and his affectionate paintings of his friends just plain bare-assed. (The untreated wood on which many of The Very Queer Portraits of Heyd Fontenot are painted is a nice play on nakedness, too.) For Fontenot, the difference between nakedness and nudity hinges on erotic intent; his works are intimate, but playful and gentle, naughty but never hard-core. – Jessica Bryce Young (6 p.m. at Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins College, 1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park; free; 407-646-2526;