Selections Reminder: La Luna shows at Little Fish Huge Pond!




Wednesday, Nov. 30La Luna

Hey, it’s, like, officially the holidays! You know what it’s the perfect time for? Some hot movie incest. WTF, right? Precisely. Continuing their admirably fucked-up winning streak, Little Fish Huge Pond’s WTF series naturally celebrates the coming of festivities with Bernardo Bertolucci’s baffling tale of an opera singer who tries to save her junkie teen son from going down the path of her deceased husband, who killed himself in front of the boy, partly by striking up a love affair with him. It’s the film that the New York Times called “the work of a good poet on an absolutely terrible day,” and which the great filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky described in his diary at the time as “monstrous, cheap, vulgar rubbish.” Sounds great, right? It totally is. – Justin Strout (7 p.m. at Little Fish Huge Pond, 309 E. First St., Sanford; free; 407-221-1499;