Selection Reminder: Lure Design's HoHoHo Down!




Saturday, Dec. 3

HoHoHo Down

Lure Design’s annual holiday sale is a relaxed affair: There’ll be drinks and snacks of some sort (possibly barbecue! Possibly booze!), there’ll be music (could be a DJ, or just the Lure crew’s studio playlist), there will probably be a free screen-pulling workshop (everyone who participates takes home a print!), but there will definitely be a wide selection of local, handmade holiday cards, gig posters, prints, journals, tote bags and ornaments. Lure is a longtime player in the sacred mission of Making Orlando Look Good, having contributed ace design to countless homegrown film and music events over the years; time to give back for all the happy eyeball time they’ve granted you in the past. – Jessica Bryce Young (1-5 p.m. at Lure Studios, 1009 Virginia Drive; free)