Selection Reminder: Just Jackson art show!



Saturday, Dec. 10

Just Jackson

Sure, we could just go with the arched brow of reverence here: That Jackson Pollock’s troubled life produced a shining – if a bit squinty and speckled – star amid the chaos of the abstract impressionism explosion of the mid-20th century; that all of this scattershot genius stood in stark contrast to the wars and dream kitchens of that period; that you sure learned a lot about him in high school art class. But, seeing as the Florida Queer Art Collective chose to throw a “Just” in front of Mr. Pollock’s first name for this show that will allow its artists to “interpret Pollock’s style and life in their own mediums,” we’re going to err on the side of Will & Grace’s Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) and imagine a one-man vanity show with celebrants wildly gesticulating whilst splashing their own alcoholic cordials onto people they like to call canvases. And then we’re going to think about sleeping with an angry Ed Harris. That’s just what Jack would do. – Billy Manes (opening 6-9 p.m. Saturday, through Dec. 29 at Gallery Q at the Center, 946 N. Mills Ave.; free;