Selection Reminder: Meet & Greet the Art and Design Team From Universal Orlando Resort!




Sunday, Dec. 11Meet & Greet the Art and Design Team From Universal Orlando Resort

The History Center’s Serious Art of Make-Believe might also have been called The Serious Business of Scaring the Crap Out of You, or maybe We Make Serious Money Goofing Around With Art Supplies. (We kid; these are professionals.) The exhibit includes an amazing re-creation of Universal’s prop warehouse, with shelves of zombie shock collars, giant ice-cream cones, medieval breastplates and Styrofoam boulders, but the enlightening part might be the walls full of concept sketches, demonstrating that kids who spent science class doodling Van Halen logos on their binders might not be wasting their time – they might just grow up into successful adults who get paid to design motorcycles made out of bones and anthropomorphic pumpkins. This informal afternoon offers access to the artists and artisans of Universal Orlando, giving guests the chance to ask all about the creative process. If you’re the sort who wishes it was Halloween (or Mardi Gras) all year round, this is one way to draw out the fun just a bit longer. – Jessica Bryce Young (1-3 p.m. at Orange County Regional History Center, 65 E. Central Blvd.; included in $9 museum admission; 407-836-8500;