Selection Reminder: The Art of Enemy Live Printing Event!




Wednesday, Dec. 21The Art of Enemy Live Printing Event

XL Gallery, sister space to the other Stardust (the one near Lake Eola), has been full of Enemy Ink’s punk-inspired prints for a couple of weeks now – and will be through Jan. 5, 2012 – but tonight is something special. Owners and local band stalwarts Brad Palkevich and Charlie Bender (Spitvalves/The Attack) plan to dominate the space even more thoroughly, setting up a portable press and cranking out live, limited-edition posters, T-shirts and one-of-a-kinds. They even plan to print on the walls of the gallery (good luck buying that), and at the end of the night will trash the screens. We’re picturing a Pete Townshend-style meltdown destruction, but they’ll probably just sell the screen to the print buyer, ensuring that no one else can have the same print as you. Punk rock. – Jessica Bryce Young (8 p.m. to close at Extra Large Gallery, 431 E. Central Blvd.; 407-839-0080; free)