Opening in Orlando -- December 23rd-25th


The Artist -- Reviewed this week. (Opens Friday.) (PG-13)

The Darkest Hour -- Some pretty young folks vacationing in Moscow are Earth’s best line of defense against invisible invaders who are here to steal our energy and then wipe us all off the face of the planet. Or, as Dick Cheney calls them, “my old gang.” (Opens Sunday.) (PG-13)

[youtube IgXzLMQuQ6Y&feature=relmfu] War Horse -- The irrepressible Helen Mirren gets trotted out one more time to no, no, we’re not there yet. (Opens Sunday.) (PG-13) [youtube xRf3SfeMRD4] We Bought a Zoo -- It’s probably unfair to expect this true-life story of a family of animal tenders to end Hollywood’s ongoing slump. It has a better shot at being the best feature Cameron Crowe has directed in the 21st century -- which would merely make it “more fun than an atrocity.” (Opens Friday.) (PG) [youtube Krh1koDU2uE]