Selection Reminder: Fresh From Florida Parade tomorrow!


Photo by Aldrin Capulong
  • Photo by Aldrin Capulong

Saturday, Dec. 31Fresh From Florida Parade

Though not quite as aesthetically manipulative as the fragrant bouquets of the Tournament of Roses Parade, the hot-glued oranges crammed together for Orlando’s also-ran college football championship celebrations, the Champs Sports Bowl and the Capital One Bowl, can, with some effort, be eaten. So we win, right? Started in 1980, the small-town “citrus parade” has seen its share of sponsored name changes over the years, settling this time around on “Fresh From Florida” due to the fact that it’s being bankrolled by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. That’s all well and good – we haven’t seen any mention of an Anita Bryant orange juice resurgence, though last year an orange Giuliana Rancic was present (eek!) – but the parade website’s insistence on hawking the thing as a television syndication dream (“19 markets cleared!”) does make it all seem a little too fragrant, if you catch our drift. Still, if there was a better excuse to prep your liver with a mimosa before the evening’s dropping of balls, we’d already be dead. – Billy Manes (11 a.m. at Downtown Orlando, starting at Robinson Street and Rosalind Avenue,, $23 for grandstand (televised) seating)