Selection Reminder: Akron/Family tonight at Back Booth!




Thursday, Jan. 12Akron/Family

Putting a pin in what exactly Akron/Family is feels a lot like trying to keep the attention of a 9-year-old off his Ritalin. Just when you think you’ve got the band pegged as a sun-baked, hazy take on West Coast Americana, the good vibes drop out and are replaced by a subdued frenzy, calling to mind the Feelies’ nerdy take on post-punk. Quirky pop filigrees of various electronic instruments subvert that notion, in turn, and give way to arpeggiated guitar figures deeply in debt to various pretenders to the Soweto throne. If there is a common thread, it is the tendency toward the flamboyant, even when that very extravagance comes in the guise of sly timidity. Bubbly and shy, noisy and whisper-quiet, obvious and impenetrable – that is Akron/Family; makes sense, right? – Nicholas Hall