Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom Trailer




We're all a big bunch of unabashed Wes Anderson fanboys in the film department here, so of course this gets its own post.


Well, first off, it's definitely a Wes Anderson film. Love it or loathe it, his style is his own and it's something that none of his would-be imitators have managed to fully pin down.

It somewhat oddly looks both more precious and less precious that his previous films. Maybe because the camp setting sets the absurdity level aside, because sleepaway camps are completely absurd. It feels like it has a real Tenenbaums feel to it, but that may just be because of the camping and the fact that the girl who plays Suzy, Kara Hayward, is reminiscent of Irene Gorovaia, who played young Margot Tenenbaum.

The Twittersphere, or at least the few film writers I follow, doesn't seem all that enthused about it, giving off a lot of "more of the same" tweets. That's fine. But I'm a complete sucker for a good first love film, especially if that film involves running away together. I feel like I'm responding to it more on that level than I am on the "new Wes Anderson" level, honestly.

[youtube eP0QJ_Ba1Bs]

Or you can watch it in HD on Apple.