Selection Reminder: K.G. Omulo CD release party!



Photo by Angelo Malicsi
  • Photo by Angelo Malicsi
Saturday, Jan. 14K.G. Omulo

Look who’s emerged from hiding as a big deal! Omulo, the multi-culti singer of local Caribbean-funk act KG & the Band, was a pleasantly surprising arrival to the Orlando scene years ago, back when the idea of African-rooted samba in Central Florida was still met with more head scratching than head nodding. When Omulo’s band went on hiatus, he dropped off the map for a bit. Now a solo star-in-the-making, tonight he celebrates the release of his wonderful solo debut album, Ayah Ye! Moving Train, a musically accomplished collection of catchy, island-ready tracks that’s already been praised by National Geographic Music and earned a best debut CD accolade from the Jazz Journalists Association. Welcome back, K.G. They’re ready for you, now. – Justin Strout