Pretty girls drinking Cheerwine




Cheerwine, the "Nectar of North Carolina" since 1917, is seeking a new Miss Cheerwine 2012 – and it could be you!

Visit the Facebook page of the utterly delicious, extra-effervescent, cult-fave cherry soft drink to find out how to apply. Interestingly, the press release we received very carefully stated that Cheerwine is looking for "an effervescent young candidate to fill the shoes of Miss Cheerwine ... One fortunate individual, to be selected by fans." So: It sounds like they're not ruling out a male Miss Cheerwine, which, frankly, would be awesome.

Based on that Facebook page, the requirements seem to be: the ability to drink fizzy red soda while wearing a Daisy Duke-type midriff-tied-shirt-and-short-shorts ensemble. Nah, we don't mean to be snide; they're looking for someone with accomplishments, education and proven leadership skills, somebody with "a bubbly personality" and "true Southern style."

My vote's with Miss Sammy, who possesses all of the above. Run, Sammy, run!