Selection Reminder: Nashville's the Features play the Social!




Saturday, Jan. 21

the Features

Pull the Features away from the stage and you have four unassuming, docile fellows. Their Twitter and Facebook pages include humdrum tour updates and congenial retweets from fans; a cursory YouTube search finds that they make for especially soft-spoken and low-key interviewees. But if you hand this Nashville gang instruments and amps, they can shape-shift into a clamorous force of nature in a snap. “Rambo,” from last July’s Wilderness, boldly displays their ease around high volume. The track’s a raw, gorgeous and utterly doomed blast of psychedelia-tinted garage rock that could very well actually be about the protagonist of First Blood. (Come to think of it, frontman Matt Pelham’s warning, “The past always seems to be the only thing that never really goes away” syncs right up with Rambo’s Vietnam-induced PTSD.) Since at least the early-2000s, this band has been kicking around the fringes of rock & roll to minimal success, but time sure hasn’t weathered their vim. – Reyan Ali