Opening in Orlando -- January 26th, 2012


Albert Nobbs -- Reviewed this week. (R)


A Dangerous Method -- Reviewed this week. (Link pending.) (R)

The Grey -- Now fully into his second career as the world’s least likely action hero, Liam Neeson has to brave the punishing weather and vicious predators of the Alaskan wild. Or, as Todd Palin calls it, “a staycation.” (R)

[youtube MiR1cGlAafY&feature=pyv&ad=11144134615&kw=the grey] Man on a Ledge -- Reviewed this week. (PG-13)

One for the Money -- Hey, Janet Evanovich fans! Your heroine Stephanie Plum is finally coming to the screen. Isn’t that a nice surprise? And you know what else? The entire movie is going to be one big surprise, because the studio wouldn’t let a single soul see it before the minute it opens. (PG-13)

[youtube K7Rqrts4jPM]