Selection Reminder: Reptar tonight at Will's Pub!



Friday, Jan. 27Reptar

The underground electronic music world has recently witnessed a smattering of young artists crib their aliases from ’80s kids’ TV shows, like DuckTales, Thundercats and Reading Rainbow. Perhaps Reptar are leading the way for folks to form rock acts named after ’90s cartoon characters. In a manner not unlike their Godzilla-esque namesake from Rugrats, this Athens, Ga.-rooted four-piece uses their spazzy, playful blend of indie rock, funk and power pop to stomp all over the place and make their presence known. The title of their 2011 EP Oblangle Fizz Y’all encapsulates Reptar’s childlike, whiz-bang charm. On record, leader Graham Ulicny overenunciates and warps his voice to memorable effect; in person, his time at the mic leads to several absurd and weirdly enthralling facial expressions. – Reyan Ali