Selection Reminder: International Noise Conference Pre-Show tonight at Uncle Lou's!



Chrome Dick
  • Chrome Dick

Monday, Feb. 6 International Noise Conference Pre-Show

If there’s one thing the age of YouTube has made perfectly clear, it’s that there’s nothing, short of meat-and-potatoes entertainment, that can’t be expressed pretty effectively in under 15 minutes, and for free. The noiseniks behind the yearly INC in Miami – aka 72 hours of punishing madness – have known this all along; “free” and “under 15 minutes” are the governing principles behind the conference. Good thing, too, since many of the illustratively named acts, such as Clang Quartet, Chrome Dick and Unicorn Hard-on, range from Guantanamo-torturous to transcendentally rapturous (and usually back to Jacob’s Ladder-esque nightmare) in about as long as it takes for an audience member’s head to get bloodied. Once again this year, local Dan Reaves curates this official pre-show featuring a few noise merchants scheduled to play the Miami conference (Orlando’s SSLOTS, Jiblit Dupree, Twilight Memories, Pony Payroll Bones) along with a smattering of regional acts. – Justin Strout