Selection Reminder: Paleface tomorrow at Cafe DaVinci!



Photo by Staton Carter
  • Photo by Staton Carter

Friday, Feb. 10Paleface

They almost don’t make folk singers like Paleface anymore. In some ways, his anti-folk background has separated him enough from the tired clichés that have been institutionalized to the point of meaninglessness in folk music and somehow landed him closer in spirit to the form’s roots. But dissuade yourself of the notion that this show will be something strictly for the predisposed: Besides his pedigree and place on North Carolina boutique folk label Ramseur Records, his bright songwriting and even more fiery performance style will set a room in motion. It’s old-timey, but it’s fiercely fresh in pulse, and he and his band light up stages every night. What’s more, it’s the ideal excuse to check out the newly reopened Grande Dame of the DeLand scene, Cafe DaVinci. – Bao Le-Huu