Selection Reminder: Beyond the Vessel Gallery Talk at Crealdé!



'Self-Portrait' by Helaine Schneider
  • 'Self-Portrait' by Helaine Schneider

Friday, Feb. 10Beyond the Vessel Gallery Talk

While urns usually give people the funeral-home heebie-jeebies, ceramic artist Helaine Schneider’s urn-turned-art exhibit is much less creepy than one would expect. Schneider’s first large solo exhibit, Beyond the Vessel covers some heady concepts, like the dichotomy between the tangible and the intangible. But don’t worry if intellectual art doesn’t turn you on; the works have enough artistic substance to be enjoyed based purely on aesthetics. And if you want to hear more from the artist herself, Schneider will be giving a special presentation this Friday at the Crealdé School of Art complete with wine, cheese and discussions of mortality. – Leanna Robinson