Selection Reminder: Mock Trial: The Trial of Friar Laurence!


Photo by Rob Jones
  • Photo by Rob Jones
Tuesday, Feb. 21Mock Trial: The Trial of Friar Laurence

5:30 p.m. Orlando Shakespeare Center 812 E. Rollins St. 407-447-1700 $25

There’s blood on the streets in Verona, where the teenagers have gotten out of hand; instead of iPhones, these young and not-so-innocent ruffians were palming swords and vials of poison. (After that kind of mayhem, texting at the dinner table doesn’t seem quite so bad.) But the case isn’t closed, and somewhere, some adult is going to shoulder some of the blame. In the upcoming mock trial at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater – their fourth annual – Friar Laurence is in the dock, as real lawyers from local firms (Kimberly Ashby of Akerman Senterfitt and John Hamilton of Foley & Lardner) prepare to read him the riot act. Will the good father take the heat as an accessory before, during or after the fact? You’ll have to witness the event yourself to find out. We wonder, if he’s found guilty, how they plan to incarcerate a literary character? – Al Krulick