Opening in Orlando -- February 24th, 2012


Act of Valor -- Reviewed this issue. (R)

Gone -- Former abductee Amanda Seyfried finds the police to be of no help when her sister, in turn, gets kidnapped. Adding insult to injury, she can’t even get a retweet out of Nancy Grace. (PG-13)

[youtube hWPM0uS1SO8] Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds -- Perry elected not to screen his latest feel-good parable for critics. How can his career survive if he keeps alienating his core constituency? (PG-13) [youtube HaO8f_eA4aM] Wanderlust -- Jennifer Aniston reportedly had a shot of her bare breasts excised from this commune comedy, in a show of respect for new beau Justin Theroux. In a related story, Brad and Angelina have a new rule: no cock rings in front of the kids. (R) [youtube Oz7xMY1AbbI]