Selection Reminder: Simple Living Institute's Beermaking Workshop!




Saturday, Feb. 25Beermaking Workshop

2-5 p.m.

Econ Farm

16206 Hamilton Drive


For a lot of folks (OK, us), the biggest threat of the apocalypse isn’t an attack by cannibalistic mutants or Tina Turner in a fright wig – it’s the lack of good alcohol. The forward-thinkers at the Simple Living Institute are saving future-you by holding a seminar teaching now-you the skills to craft your own beer in the kitchen. The workshop spans the spectrum of homebrewing from barley to fermentation to kegging. We’d recommend bringing a notebook to write it all down, since there’s a beer sampling afterward. The class is aimed at beginners, so the only prerequisite is having a thirst for the art of brewing. After this, you are destined to become the most powerful person in the wasteland, but for now, just settle for being your friends’ favorite beer supplier. – Paul Hiebing