Selection Reminder: Cults tonight at the Plaza Live!




Friday, March 9Cults

with Spectrals, Mrs. Magician

8 p.m.

The Plaza Live

425 N. Bumby Ave.


$15-$30 Orange You Glad Admission

Hear about a young band making waves in the independent music hemisphere, and it’s only natural to figure that their sound must be innovative or brilliant in some way. Cults’ sudden rise disproves that induction. When the NYC duo emerged in April 2010 with little more than three tracks and a Bandcamp page to their name, they were very much tinkering with ideas that had been perfected decades before: Take the elements associated with 1950s and ’60s girl-group pop and doo-wop (syrupy-sweet melodies, vocal harmonies, lovesick lyrics, an appreciation of simplicity), throw in a couple offbeat touches (a voice recording of cult leader Jim Jones, the glockenspiel) and you have the gist of Cults’ formula. Last summer, Columbia Records issued the first full-length from the duo (which is a five-piece for concerts) that very much plays in the same sandbox as their first recordings. That “what’s old is new again” chestnut has never felt so true. – Reyan Ali