Selection Reminder: ReThink Your Spare Time!




Sunday, March 11

ReThink Your Spare Time

Noon-5 p.m.

Urban ReThink

625 E. Central Blvd.



Thornton Park on a Sunday afternoon is a lovely place to stroll, shop and drink; this week, you can add “a new cause” to your shopping list as, in their continuing mission to make Orlando a better place, Urban ReThink brings together a group of local nonprofits for you to browse. Participating agencies address issues of literacy, youth mentoring, homelessness, substance abuse, voting rights and more. If the idea of volunteering gives you the do-gooder hives, remember that giving can be a selfish act – that’s right, we’re dropping the N-word: networking. Whether you’re looking for a new job or a new crush, volunteering at the right organization can expand your horizons, not just those of the people you’re helping. – Jessica Bryce Young