Selection Reminder: Takács Quartet with Garrick Ohlsson!



Photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski
  • Photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski

Thursday, March 15Takács Quartet with Garrick Ohlsson

8 p.m.

Tiedtke Concert Hall

Rollins College

1000 Holt Ave.

Winter Park



Reviews of Garrick Ohlsson and the Takács Quartet have a few things in common. One of them is universal praise. Critics wear out their thesauri looking for new superlatives: “stunning,” “matchless,” “unforgettable,” “superb” have all been tossed like bouquets. So look, Orlando: We’re putting you on blast. When not one internationally renowned artist but five of them appear in our city, please don’t blow it off. Another thing reviewers seem to agree on is the “muscular grace” or “pungent earthiness” of their performances – in other words, Ohlsson and the Takács are not airy-fairy or frou-frou. Whether you’re a confirmed classical buff or a noob, this concert comprising works by Schubert (sweet, haunting), Ravel (rhythmically complex, sexy) and Shostakovich (fervent, relentless) is a safe bet for greatness. – Jessica Bryce Young