Selection Reminder: Kasabian tonight at the Beacham!



Sunday, March 18Kasabian with Hacienda 7 p.m. the Beacham 46 N. Orange Ave. 407-246-1419 $18-$20

To be frank, the heavy-hitting, dance-minded rock of these Brits is a bit of a conflicted indulgence. Their untethered bombast is both their undoing and their deliverance. On the one hand, the transparency, shamelessness and generally heavy hand of their post-Madchester stadium aspirations often toes the line of blockheaded cheesiness. But on the other, their sheer precision and Oasis-sized swagger can sometimes combine to straight-up blow the doors off the hinges. Besides, like all guilty pleasures, Kasabian is capable of evoking enthusiasm that defies all rationality. And whenever you’re in the face of that kind of force, well, you just gotta get over yourself and let your dick swing free – no matter how you’ll feel about it in the morning. – Bao Le-Huu