Opening in Orlando -- March 23rd, 2012


Jeff, Who Lives at Home -- The Duplass Brothers’ slacker character study was supposed to open last week, unscreened for critics. It was postponed at the last minute -- and still hasn’t been shown to the local press. We’re not saying we know for sure that you’ll be asked to show proof of federal security clearance when you try to buy your tickets. But given the track record so far, it might not hurt to come prepared. (R)

The Hunger Games -- Reviewed this week. (PG-13)

October Baby -- The tag line “Every Life is Beautiful” is not an indication that Roberto Benigni has hit the comeback trail, but rather that this inquisition into the aftermath of a botched abortion is an anti-choice, “faith-based” propaganda piece. It wasn’t screened for us, either. And that all adds up to one unavoidable conclusion: God wants you to see The Hunger Games!  (PG-13)